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ocpi export app to sd card


from an email between me and kulp:
thinking we just need a utility to scrape stuff from an assembly into a folder that we can put onto the sd card.
i was thinking "ocpiexport -p zed application.xml" would search for a valid implementation in the librariy paths and copy all files into a folder to put onto a sd card for use without a nfs connection.
what all file are needed to run an application other then the bit file and .so files for software workers? does it need spec files or anything else from the libraries?
The ocpi subdirectory is what is needed for export (by using tar that follows links), although it includes
files for building bitstreams which are not necessary for the embedded target case. So we could
have the "embedded subset" of that to minimize space.
But we might also have some sort of manifest to prune the exported libraries.
As it stands the ocpisubdir is the starting point that should work.






chris hinkey