Proposed Zed Platform Build Script Improvements


Made some modifications to many of the zed scripts:

  • now allows for an optional platform argument. This allows for pulling in the appropriate boot.bin and devicetree.dtb for zed, zc702, or zc706. Defaults to zed if no device given.

  • now umounts the drives as opposed to ejecting. Ejecting was too harsh and caused the system to completely lose track of the SD device. Also changed the grep search expression to be the actual device, as opposed to "Disk" which was returning to many results and screwing up the rest of the operations.

  • pulls in a patch(included, should be placed in the "/platforms/zed" directory) that allows the kernel for v14.7 to be built. Also includes some (basic) logic to prevent the script from breaking when the git checkout results in a detached head.

  • now only takes 1 mandatory argument, or a second optional argument. The mandatory argument is the release version (14.X or 201X.X). The optional argument is the platform target for makeSD. The script now automatically finds the appropriate download file for the release version as opposed to requiring the user to know the url.

  • phy-zynq-usb.patch fixes a bug that prevents the linux kernel to build (at least in 14.7, my only test case)




Neil Schafer
March 27, 2015, 10:13 PM

Whoops. The old still had a bug where it wouldn't correctly find the standalone
This fixes that.

Neil Schafer
April 8, 2015, 2:34 PM

A couple more changes: it now removes the "release" symbolic link and creates a new one pointing to the release version specified by the script. Since the script also rebuilds the driver, and the driver build script looks in the default "release" directory, this was necessary to not break the driver. Now performs a "softer" delete of the CONFIG_USB* patches so that the script doesn't break when reading older releases that don't contain that line of text.

Anyway, I've gotten OpenCPI fully up and running on the ZC702 now, but only for version 14.7. Later releases won't boot (even when using the stock images provided by xilinx), and I've had some dynamic library issues with version 14.6 that I haven't had the chance to completely suss out yet. The install instructions for zed are more or less identical. I'll review my installation notes and let you know of any deltas I discover.




Neil Schafer