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segmentation fault in new build on multiple platforms


on both the x86 to stratix 4 and zynq platforms we are seeing a segmentation fault when running applications.
some amount of data will get through the assembly and then there will be a segmentation fault. amount of data seems application specific and in some application the crash doesn't seem to appear.
stack trace of x86 crash sent to jim kulp for debugging. hopefully this is the same bug on both platforms.

update :

This problem has been tracked down to a connection where neither side has a protocol is causing buffers to be generated incorrectly. for instance if an assembly ending in a 32-16 adapter is connected to a file write the buffer will default to 2048 bytes no mater what the protocol of the worker that is connected to the front side of the 32-16 adapter. this used to work and no longer works on any platforms.
a workaround is to manually change the buffer size of this connection in the application assembly. It is not desirable to be mucking with application assemblies on a regular basis like this.




James Kulp


chris hinkey